There’s a fabulous bit in the first episode of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Han Solo sets himself up for the drop.

‘Sometimes I amaze myself.’

Leia is majestically disdainful.

‘That shouldn’t be too hard.’

Now that, ladies and gentleman, is worthy of my not girlfriend, Susan. Firstly she could think of it, and secondly she could deliver it and make it stick. I can hear her saying it. To me.

But I’ll run the risk here. Sometimes I do amaze myself.

I was punting about in my WordPress archives, going way way back  to my first year of blogging. It’s a while ago, since I’m in year 9 now. But back then, I used it to bounce around bits and piece of fiction, use it as a sounding board, get some feedback. Mainly it was highly favourable, I’m pleased to report. But then I started getting awkward, the ‘How to…’ format evolved, and things got a bit out of control.

I’ll tell you how out of control. I was finding stuff I didn’t even remember writing, let alone posting. Now I know I have a memory like a sieve these days, and with nearly 4000 blogposts in the best part of ten years, things are likely to slip through the gaps a bit aren’t they? But some of the stuff really did amaze me, made me go, ‘WTF?’ Just what was I thinking of?

I launched off about so many topics. Health scares. They’ve featured large. Market research surveys. I’ve taken those to task on multiple occasions, mainly because so many are so vacuously pointless, ridiculously small sample numbers, and nobody answers honestly anyway. The bloke who lost his arm being bitten by a rattlesnake while trying to take a selfie with it? Still makes me laugh. The breathalyser raccoon? Hahahahaha. But other things were so obscure, I genuinely don’t remember even addressing them. The Institute of Making? WTF? Who invented that?

Seriously, if I read my blog as an outsider, I’d wonder about my sanity. And yes, I do amaze myself. Susan, you can shut up right now. 😊

But this is funny, because it tells you how stupid I am and how close to the edge I’ve been .How not to get killed by drowning | nobodysreadingme (