Sunday shortie. Maybe. Depends if I go off on one. You know what I’m like.

I am SERIOUSLY racked off with the current crop of television advertisements for online gambling sites. They just LIE. THEY LIE! THEY LIE! Straight out of the hat. They’re LYING!

‘Our first concern is that you play responsibly.’ Oh no it isn’t. YOUR PRIMARY CONCERN is to get people to gamble as much as you can weasel out of them. YOU are in it for the money, not for others’ wellbeing. It is NOT for fun! It’s for robbing the gullible.

‘Hey, it’s all about the community!’ No it isn’t, you bloodsuckers. It’s about YOU robbing those with weak wills for every sodding penny you can make. Every single penny.

‘Play safely!’

Oh, please, do NOT condescend to me. You want muppets to spend as much as possible to crank up your profits. You know it, I know it. Stop sodding posturing. Just admit you’re in it for one reason, one reason only. Rob the blind to line your own pockets.

‘When the fun stops, STOP.’

Please do not stop. We need your money to crank up our pension funds.

The priority isn’t looking after you. Don’t kid yourself. It’s looking after the gambling companies.

Don’t believe me? How come you can now ‘win’ when you actually LOST? Think you’re not being suckered? Really?