I’ll keep this short. People in the UK, it’s a Bank Holiday. I don’t want to piss on your parade. Enjoy the sun.

I’m still hurting VERY BADLY about my alleged sexual impropriety.

It never happened people. It never happened. Even the investigating officer said, ‘This is bullshit, isn’t it? I’ve read the posts you put up. My job is to do that. What I get paid for. Far as I can see, nothing inappropriate.’

‘Yeah. But I’ll fess not because of guilt, I’ll sign simply to avoid damage, more damage, to somebody I care about. Now my good name is buggered.’

‘No case to answer was the Court decision.’

‘Yes it was. NO CASE TO ANSWER. Think anybody believes that? Do you?’


‘Here’s how people think. I try to avoid this approach. “No smoke without fire.”

‘Yeah. You got caught up.’

‘I did nothing wrong.’

‘I’ll talk to you as a person now, not me as a copper. I can’t see you did any wrong. You were kind, attentive, friendly, you liked her. I asked around, took some time, natch. No hint at all of you hitting on her. Not once. None. Never. The Court said ‘No case to answer.’ Nothing. But you took the long walk to avoid any more damage to a rather damaged young woman you liked a lot.’

‘Yep. And now my reputation is pretty much damaged beyond repair.’

‘Yes. Far as I can see, you did nothing wrong. As far as the Court could see, you did nothing wrong. No case to answer. Rock and a hard place for you. NOBODY believes you.’

‘Well you do.’

‘I don’t count. But I admire you. You took the rap.’