I know I tend to go on about this, but I’m still feeling like rubbish.

I’ve not left the hotel since Thursday. I haven’t eaten since Saturday. I can barely manage water again. The vertigo is back with a vengeance, with its attendant double whammy of constant nausea and continual vomiting. And of course the inability to stand, that’s bad. I can only get out of bed my rolling out onto the floor. It’s not a big drop, but the weakness and tremors make crawling to the toilet difficult, and I sure as hell can’t walk. Of course using the toilet is an adventure, as is getting back into bed, where I’ve spent the past  four days, and Indeed today.

Here’s something you may not have thought of. Showering is a sod. I have  to sit in the shower tray. And get out again. Shaving is out of the question too, I can’t stand, and since I wet shave I have to stand at the washbasin. Oh dear, no Hence I haven’t shave in the best part of a week, and I hate that, not being clean shaven.

Oh yeah, the constant stomach ache is not very cheering either.

Not been the greatest  five days I’ve ever had. Anyway, how’s your day going?