This one floored me. I really didn’t get it.

Yesterday, Tuesday, my insomnia was doing its thing, so I was watching Breakfast on the BBC. But something unpredictable and, more to the point inexplicable, happened. The programme always runs a clock on the lower right of the screen. It’s a fixture. It’s always there.

Not on Tuesday it wasn’t. No clock. What? How can that happen? There’s so much computer technology involved in television these days (usually to the better) and a basic function of computer technology is being sure of what the time is. That’s how it works. Your GPS is utterly knackered without precise timing. They even allow for timelag in transmission times between satellites and the groundstations.

 Even my laptop has a time display, and it’s radio wifi synchronised with the atomic clock at Herstmonceux.

And the Beeb can’t show a clock? On the other hand it did lead to some very funny interaction between Dan Walker and Louise Minchin, both of whom are very engaging characters. In fact, the whole crew of Breakfast is very personable. I’m quite smitten by weather presenter Carol Kirkwood, but that may not be unrelated to her beautiful Scottish accent.

While dealing with the minor irritation of the lack of the clock, a few high points. One, a children’s dance school where for the first time in about 18 months, the learners were now allowed to dance with partners.

Their utter delight was palpable, almost popping out of the screen. Lovely to see. Struck a chord with me, since as a member of my primary school country dancing team* I had a favoured partner, and we just worked together. We clicked. Not pro standard, but holy cow we enjoyed dancing together. We just did.

I wonder what happened to Jane Hall? She moved so neatly, exactly, no histrionics, just enjoying the simple movements.

Point two. A choir able to work together, sing together, indoors, in church (though it’s a non-denominational, non-religious outfit) for the first time in a long LONG time, and the singers were so happy they were sobbing. That was nice.

Points three and four. An infodoc from Scarborough, one of my fave seaside towns. It looks sedate, but I can assure you it can get a bit raucous on occasion. And boy can it get a bit grim if a fret rolls in off the sea. But it’s very attractive in the sunshine. I could easily live there. A friend lived in Scarborough, but worked in London. That’s quite a commute, isn’t it?

Also, a sort of infodoc (one of those irritating ones full of bloody stupid instructions about staying hydrated in the ‘hot’ weather, and it’s not hot by my standards) from Weston Super Mare. That’s a charming place. But bugger me, you could forget it’s coastal. The tide goes out about a mile and a half, so you can have a tendency to think, ‘Where’s the sea gone, FFS?’ If that doesn’t bother you too much, check out Westward Ho! As it happens I had sex in the sand dunes there. In broad daylight, I mean mid afternoon.

I’m a tinker, eh?

*Yes me, the erstwhile heavy metal thunderer