Believe it or not, today, July 23rd, is the day I enter my tenth year of blogging. Started nine years ago, July 2012. Dunno why I told you that. You’re all intelligent people; you can all do sums, so put in a bit of effort, eh? 🙂

It’s been quite a ride, building up 1300 followers. Do the sums there, too. Of course, I’ve lost a few along the way, including the one who first referred to me as Mr Fluffy. I know where she went. Her blossoming career in music beckoned, and she ran out of time.

At least one or two have committed suicide, I reckon. No names, but they just ceased to exist. Both of them were excitable or just plain fragile, or both. One was one of my very earliest followers, and then, gone. I still fret about her.

Some just got bored, I can see that. It’s the nature of blogging. People drifted in, made themselves felt. But I have a hardcore of fans, maybe forty, who have been keeping an eye on me right from the outset, including one who made the first ever comment on nobodysreadingme.

Thanks everybody.