I love watching films. Have since I was about 4. The legendary episode when I got home for university vacation, and before I had time to get unpacked my mum dragged me off (unfed, and given my mum that was truly unprecedented) to the opening of Dirty Harry.

Certain actors will always grab my attention, and they’re not always obvious big hitters. Stanley Tucci. If he’s on the cast list, I’ll pay attention. One of my favourite actors. What was that television series where he was a brain surgeon? Work of genius. John Cusack. Underrated, understated, no flamboyance, straight down the line believability. Was that him in The Grifters? He’s better than his roles would suggest. Russell Hunter. A real sleeper, he was fabulous in Callan, where he was playing opposite the major big hitter of Edward Woodward. The character of Lonely he played got my vote every episode.

Women. Tricky area this. But here are two I can think of not because they’re simply cute. Women get a bad deal here. If you’re pretty and cute, you’re a lightweight. But…

Anne Hathaway is absolutely bloody gorgeous, no question*. Sandra Bullock? I doubt I’d go and sleep in the spare room.

Both are really good at frothy comedy, both have an endearing goofy charm, and both have tremendous comic timing. But holy crap, give either of them the chance to get their orthodontically perfect teeth into a proper meaty role, and they can really cut things.

Alicia Silverstone. I like her. Reese Witherspoon. Much underestimated. She can act up a storm when she gets cast out of ditzy blonde roles. Julia Stiles. Sarah Polley.

*A friend of mine who was a dead ringer for her once made a VERY SERIOUS pass at me. I was flabbergasted.