This is becoming a bit of a recurring theme. Someone else on my platform said, ‘You’re odd.’

This is subsequent to Emily giving me a toasting about my oddity, and then NDT Mark and Lesley backing her up. NDT Mark accuses me of being ‘wired up wrong.’

I don’t see it like that at all. I’ve lived in my brain for a long long time, so the way it works is pretty normal for me. Even so, some of my schoolteachers, and later my university lecturers, took me to task a bit. ‘You don’t work normally, do you?’

Well, it’s normal for me isn’t it? It’s been normal for me since I became sentient.

The other thing is, I get stuff on my various platforms saying, ‘You are as funny as fuck!’ That may be true, but it’s not a sort of attempt at anything. It’s just how I express myself. At a metaphysical level, it’s just who I am.

Finding out how people regard you is always troublesome, a bit mysterious. For example, my friend/work colleague when I was deputy MD of an advertising agency. I thought deputy MD was pretty good, really. But no. Apparently I was in the wrong job, it wasn’t what I was cut out for. That came as a bit of a surprise, as I told you earlier.

Am I happy being odd? Hmmm. I suppose so. I don’t know many people of my age who sold their house and moved into a motorhome for three years, for example. That certainly had its moments. But there are aspects of my oddity that unsettle me. Bits that make me go, ‘FFS can’t you just be normal for once, sort yourself out?’

Oh well, I was married for 20 years, after being together for two. That’s sort of normal. On the other hand, getting divorced without involving lawyers and accountants. That is not normal, is it? I was aided and abetted here by my wife. She was, is, a bit odd too.

This post was prompted by a female internet friend, who said, ‘You do know some strange women, don’t you?’ I suppose I do, come to think of it. But better strange and interesting (occasionally homicidal) than being bimbos. I know a few bimbos, and they can be engaging for about half an hour. But odd, even just mildly eccentric, that works for me. Mad as a bloody hatter, that works too. I know a few of them.