Sunday shortie.

How to have a really nice name?

All a bit subjective, isn’t it? But some names are inherently OK. As it happens, I like the name Duncan. It’s a nice blend of Shakespearean and workmanlike. And I’ve got used to it over the 68 years I’ve been around. It’s part of who I am.

But enough of me. Really nice names?  Mainly restricted to female names, at least from my point of view. Here are some.

Shannon. I like that. I also like the woman who goes by this name, as it happens,but I think that’s a lovely name.

Carys. That’s pretty isn’t it? Shannon’s sister as it happens. But it’s a pretty name, isn’t it?

Sophie. Not unusual, but nice. Just a nice name. The one I know is nice too. Just saying.

Here’s the real killer, the one I have never met, the one I adore. I might swoon if I met one.

Meredith. I love this name. It has a terrific ring to it, and yet is odd. It’s horribly pretty, yes. But it has an edge to it, doesn’t it?

The mildly Arthurian atmosphere to it would make me watch my step a bit. Make sure I never let her get behind me, and not let her pour me a drink without close scrutiny. I’m sure you get my drift. Pretty, but dangerous.

Yet even so, it’s a lovely name. And I think I’d like a Meredith if I met her.

FFS, you can’t beat that can you?

As ever, comments are always welcome. I expect to spark some debate here.