Right. I’m cross, even by my exacting standards. And as you know, they are indeed exacting.

There are rumours of increases in National Insurance contributions to fund social care. Outrage! Taxing young workers to fund those who are old enough to not pay NI!

Listen up, children. No, people my age do NOT pay NI. But, big BUT, WE WORKED FOR 50 YEARS paying NI. Did I ever bitch when my NI was used to support you at eighteen, you’d left school, and, through no fault of yours, were not working, in danger of losing your flat, couldn’t afford to eat? I’ll tell you. NO. I never did. Not once.

Supporting the more disadvantaged is the sign of a civilised society.

Using this ridiculous, selfish, self-centred ideology, it would make ‘sense’ to refuse to pay NI because you aren’t drawing a pension and don’t use the National Health Service.

Fine. Go away and die because you haven’t contributed to the safety net. You don’t deserve the safety net you are so anxious to deny others because it may personally cost you something.

I despise you. You are beneath contempt. When you were a child, and needed support via the NHS, who the hell do you think was paying for that? I was. Who paid for the vaccinations that kept you safe from terrible disease? I did. End up in hospital? I hope you didn’t, very much hope you didn’t, but I kept on feeding in the cash, and you aren’t dead.

You are despicable.