Yeah, it’s happened. We can ignore the Susan fiasco. I definitely got suckered there. But I had several tremendous weeks after nearly 50 years hiatus. I was quite happy about that, very happy actually. I had a tremendously fun time.. But as always with Susan, it fell apart. She’s not that good with relationships. But a great few weeks after a long time. I hoped for the best, expected the worst. I got the latter, I’m afraid. C’est la vie.

She Who Cannot Be Named here. The police action (case dismissed no case to answer) took me aback a bit. Even the courts decided it was bollocks. Still hurt. I could easily have got suckered there. I did get suckered there, I suppose. Did absolutely nothing wrong, got the cozzers called on me. Whut?

Here’s where I really got suckered. Some years ago, a ‘friend’ claimed she was skint, her daughter was due back from university, and she didn’t have enough money for food. So I bunged/loaned her 25 quid.

Then a week or so later… Another 25 quid. So now I’m 50 quid in the hole, yes?

Now as a real friend pointed out, 50 quid isn’t a lot unless you don’t have 50 quid. I was broke, on my beam ends, but put myself out on a limb here. I had a pretty lean Christmas, I’ll tell you.

Did I get the money back, the loans? Did I hellfire. I keep asking, but nothing happens. Fifty quid over five years is a bloody imposition, I feel. My borrower can go out easily, flash cash on clothes or household items, and not pay me back without an eyeblink.

Yes, I got truly suckered.