Sunday shortie. Probably. It’s Saturday now, and I feel terrible. The vertigo twirlies have me in their unforgiving grip, to the extent I have to be very careful how I move my head when lying down, and walking isn’t something I can do easily, indeed barely at all. I haven’t eater or drunk anything, nor taken any of my meds, since Thursday. I’m going to risk the horizontal, and go back to bed when I’ve finished this post.

Now I’m not too sure of the provenance of this story, since it appeared in that bastion of scientific and medical accuracy the Daily Star. There’s a move afoot for doctors and other medics to use emoticons during consultations, especially remote consultations. I think it’s a no-hoper of an idea.

Normal emoticons are baffling enough, though Star did come up with a rib tickler, sort of, using everyday emoticons for a bloke to explain how he’d drunk too much, got into a fight, been sick, and now felt like crap.

Medical emoticons, and they’ve been around as a concept since for a good while, are a great deal more impenetrable. See here. People Emoji & Body Emoji (

And how is this going to help anybody, such as myself, who has a paupers’ ‘Call or text’ phone with no ability to display emoticons? There are plenty of us around. And if I want to see a doctor, I want to see a doctor, not a screen of infantizing (one of my words) cartoons.

Quick question. When did emojis metamorphose into emoticons?