You’ll be glad to know I’m feeling a bit perkier. I actually managed to drink some water on Sunday. Yay!`

This is sort of a follow on from this post How it’s not free, is it? | nobodysreadingme ( It’s about fiscal shenanigans, as opposed to the emotional ways of getting suckered. I’ve written about those a bit too.

As I pointed out in that linked post, nothing is free when you purchase something. The ‘free delivery, free fitting’ idea is a load of bunkum, as is the idea that you get a free pen when you sign up to an insurance company. Or insurance that offers you a ‘Thank you’ gift of 10% of your first year premiums, but that only happens if you’ve already shelled out  your first year. I’d rather they lopped 10 % off my premiums over the year, but since insurance premiums are adjusted at the whim of the provider, you’d never know, would you?

Now one that’s really getting my fiscal goat. Sainsbury’s and Tesco are now boasting they’re ‘price matching’ hundreds of products with one of the discounter supermarkets, Aldi. This tells you two things.

One, Aldi is really making them hurt as they haemorrhage customers. Two, if the Big Two can afford to make these cuts now, they’ve been screwing us for years with systematic overpricing. By the way, these ‘cuts’ will come at a cost, so expect numbers of checkout staff to nosedive. I hope you’re good at self scanning your shopping Self scanning is also ripping you off, since you’re doing the stores’ work for them. They’re getting something for free, but you aren’t.

I rather like Aldi, as it happens. Admittedly it’s best to go in not knowing what you want, but buying what s actually on the shelves. This will save you, in my experience, at least 30 % on the cost of a big shop. Lidl are worth a visit too. Thursdays they sell DIY tools and supplies at enormously lower prices compared with most of the big DIY chains. They’re good quality, too. I got a bench grinder for a mere nine quid, and a very decent chrome vanadium socket set for next to nothing. Why do the DIY chains rob you blind as well?

By the way, if you do need to go to a DIY chain in the UK, avoid Travis Perkins like the plague. They operate mainly as a trade supplier, and since all traders will be stinging their clients  for what they can stretch, they don’t mind too much paying over the top, since they will claim it back on the job. AND you pay for delivery if you order something heavy or bulky.