Hmm. I’m a bit of a soft touch for women, as you know. I’m terribly attuned to my sight of women. Even now, at my age. I know. Shameful, isn’t it? But I am not a dirty old man, a letch, a perv (Shannon told me this.)

Some years ago (quite a few years ago, actually) a woman I know made a very SERIOUS pass at me. Be reasonable, somebody says ‘I think you’re wonderful,’ is quite a come on isn’t it? The snog and crotch grabbing pretty much secured the offer.

She was staggeringly beautiful, the most beautiful real life woman I have ever met. Think Winona Ryder before getting busted for shoplifting. And amazingly intelligent (though a bit dumb), a talented musician, a wonderful soprano singer. She ticked a lot of boxes.

Know what?  I said ‘No.’ I was really rattled by the considerable age difference. She had a long term partner. I was married, so end of argument. All over. Don’t think I wasn’t horribly tempted, because I was. Horribly tempted. I definitely struggled. But in the end, I definitely did the right thing. Maybe not for me, but it felt right for me, paradoxically. Right for my wife. Right for my friend. He didn’t need me poaching on his territory. That’s not right, is it?

But I came very VERY close to being suckered. Really close.