This is an odd one. And it is odd, but strangely intriguing. One of those cheapo horror shorts that make you go, ‘Oh yes. That’s interesting as an idea.’

Forget the crap production values, low budget, poor acting, bad props, poor backdrops (they clearly couldn’t find the money for location work), but it’s such an interesting concept, though a bit cumbersome in execution, it just dragged me in.

I can’t find an IMDb link, I’m afraid. But it’s called ‘Dream Girl.’ It’s one of the Tales of the Unexpected stable. Not noted for production values, and this will do nothing to change your mind about that. But I was snaffled.

Four people meet in a strange but not hostile environment. Looks like a tropical island without creepy-crawlies. Bad backdrops, looks like they filmed this in a banana grove. Ignore that.

Here’s the interesting bit, and it’s done rather well. This is not real life. It’s a dream. Not their dream. It’s the dream of a person called Otto (that’s a bad name, eh?) whom they have all offended, belittled, or so he believes. I like paranoia based films.

And this is paranoia filled, trust me. A real sweaty-armpit job. Ridiculously tense for a low budget shlock effort.

It finished about an hour ago, and my head is still fizzing. Know what? I wish I were skilful enough to come up with this plot.