I was feeling a bit out of sorts on Friday. But this emerged in my FB memories, and made me smile. A lot. The Russian Army choir  covering Tom Jones. And it really is the Russian Army Choir, meticulously making fun of themselves.

Many years ago, I had the privilege of going to a concert in Manchester by what was then The Red Army Choir. I was about 10, hadn’t had the chance to develop my musical taste, and my pillock father was a fan of James Last and Bert Kaempfert, so that stunted my musical growth a bit, as you might expect.

I nearly didn’t go to the concert, and that would have been a MAJOR irretrievable error. It was spectacular. I was moved to disbelief. If you like Welsh male voice choir music, and I do now, the Russians knocked them into a cocked hat. And it was so LOUD. No amps, just a lot of big blokes (and they were big) pummelling the rafters with their vocal cords. There were mice dying under sonic pressure I think. ‘Kalinka,’ their signature number, can still move me to tears. They did that a cappella. No band, just a load of big burly blokes singing their hearts out.

However, there is a lighter side, and that was what raised my spirits on Friday. The Russian Army Choir covering Tom Jones’s Sex Bomb.

Only a genius could think of this. And check out the guy who moves forward onstage at 1:23

MVD Ensemble – Sex Bomb (Red Army Choir) [Reupload] – YouTube