I’m maybe not the best person to talk to for guidance. But once again, today, somebody told me I am ‘funny as fuck.’

This is an accusation that raises its head frequently. That’s OK. It’s not exactly an insult, is it? But there’s the oddity about it. I never go out of my way to be funny. For example, I’m pretty crap at standup comedy. I’m pretty rubbish at telling jokes, apart from the baby polar bear shaggydog story. I can do that well, and I like it because it was my mum’s favourite joke, so of course I adore it, and when she told it it’s the only time I heard her swear, ever.

No out of my way to be funny. But, some of the ways I use language seem to amuse people. All sorts of people, and there are some oddballs on my roster. That’s a bit odd. Using language as a tool can be seen as a bit cleverclever, can’t it? But even here, even on Facebook, I just use language as I would use it if I were speaking to you. It just so happens that I make people laugh.

If I make you laugh, all well and good. Laughter is good. But I can assure you I rarely set out to be deliberately funny. It’s just me being me.

End of sermon.