Not my usual lighthearted stuff today. Serious but uplifting in a way.

Daniel Craig. Nicole Kidman. Both donated ten grand to Andy, Mike, and Tim. Know who they are? They’re Three Dads Walking. All three lost daughters who committed suicide. Decided to raise money for a charity Papyrus that provides support for young people on the ragged edge. Contemplating suicide.

They organised themselves a charity walk. Three hundred miles. Not life threatening, given  they allowed themselves two weeks to do it. Hundred and fifty miles a week, 20 miles a day. It’s definitely achievable, even allowing for none of them being in the first flush of youth.

I’ve followed the action about the walk. Why? Because I’ve been there, attempted suicide as a youth. Twice, as it happens. It’s a cause quite dear to my heart. Another time, a bit later in life. Suicide you have to take seriously as an outsider. It is NOT a gesture.

Andy, Mike, and Tim wanted to raise maybe thirty grand. The Three Dads Walking have racked up way over four hundred grand, could be nearer five hundred.

And they got a lot of pork pies, and cakes, and cups of tea along the way.

Admirable and uplifting stuff.