Sundays can be a bit of a wasteland when you’re many miles from your geographical friends. If your (my) internet friends aren’t feeling too good, a bit crooked up, and my favourite internet friend has a few health things going on, she’s not always at the top of her game, needed to be quiet. So it’s easy to become self-pitying, feel isolated. Living somewhere I don’t belong simply to be near my hospital just in case I need some very urgent post cancer/radiotherapy attention, that’s taxing.

Upsides? Some, I suppose. It was sunny. I saw a pied wagtail. As you know, my favourite bird, mime artist makeup, a tuxedo, silly walk, flight patterns that don’t make sense. And it’s quite late to see a wagtail. They have tended to head south by this time of year.

I saw a cat being a complete arse. I fully appreciate that being an arse is what cats do for a living. Still amused me, restored my faith a bit. A bit. Sort of.

But, extra problem. I like watching films, but Sunday afternoon films tend to be rubbish. I don’t have an issue with crap films, some are immensely good fun because they’re so hamfisted. But ‘Lord of the Elves?’ Oh no, I don’t think so.

Crap films, friends unavailable, wrong city, wrong time…

Yes, I was gloomy.