Sunday shortie.

Storm Arwen made her presence known on Saturday. And how. Up in the northeast of England and  on the east coast of Scotland, things got very windy indeed, trees down, structural damage, train and road disruption.

Cambridge was not immune either as it happens, with some pretty hefty gusting, and this is bad news for me. I had to get to the shop, but hellfire it was a struggle. I’m pretty unstable, as you know, and strong winds can get the better of me. I took a tumble when I got caught unawares. That  wasn’t good. Crashing into a fence, less than ideal, I must say.

I got to the point of thinking, ‘Bugger it, do I really need a newspaper that  much?’ I persisted, but some horrible vortices round the corner of the shop knocked me sideways, literally, and hurled me through the door of the shop so I looked like a twat. More like a twat than I ordinarily do.

I very much dislike being infirm, and the vertigo doesn’t do me any favours either since I’m often not entirely sure which way is up. It was a taxing walk,  let’s put it like that.