This has its roots in the omnishambles that was the Bullingdon Bullyboy’s disastrous address to the Confederation of British Industry last week. The CBI are the movers and shakers in British industries, and they’re absolutely bricking themselves about the complete lack of any clarification about what the exit from Europe is going to entail at a business level.

Now bear in mind, way way back when the Leave Vote came in, BoJo’s advisors asked, ‘What do we tell businesses?’

I quote from him. ‘Fuck business!’ He really did say that.

It might have made some sense to adopt a more dignified and conciliatory approach when he’d been specifically invited to address the CBI en masse. Oh no, he dropped into mopheaded, incoherent, spluttering buffoon mode. It was a complete rout,not least because he’s such a twat he had to keep apologising for needing to rearrange his speechnotes because he got lost. Ever the consummate professional, eh?

First, we had a specific mention of his liking for the cartoon character Peppa Pig. He even expressed his glee at having been to Peppa Pig World.

Then, for inexplicable reasons, he later began to make sportscar noises.It was like being back in a playground. A world leader (maybe) making car noises? WTF is that about? Putin is a twat but he goes round barechested and wrestling bears. TBB goes back to school…

Back to Pepper Pig. During a news briefing shortly after the Peppa Pig incident, Dominic Raab, of all people, was faced with a barrage of questions on a radio show. ‘Names for Peppa’s relatives? What about her neighbours?’

Dominic Raab may well be a twat (MAY?  Of course he is) but there he was, the Deputy Prime Minister, getting grilled about a fictional cartoon pig that the Prime Minister seems to like, though I ain’t sure about that. But does anybody really think there aren’t just a few more important things to occupy the time of the PM, the Deputy PM, the questioners, and the radio audience!

And that leads me onto the concept of uncertainty. Lots of crap being flung about at the moment about science’s inability to come up with definitive answers to a lot of the questions about Covid. If you don’t know, you go for a look. Or several new looks. That’s how it works in science. Uncertainty is part of the job description. Not knowing the answer is not a sign of incompetence. You’re trying to find it.

Much as I think Raab is a twat, and I do think he is, can he genuinely be expected to have encyclopaedic knowledge about a cartoon pig his boss has expressed delighted and no doubt politically expedient in? I’ll give you a hint. NO he can’t!

TFF is, for example, completely unable to admitting lack of knowledge. Raab just clearly didn’t have a clue how to say, ‘We don’t know yet.’