The Slovak Transport Authority, which sounds a bit shifty, doesn’t it, has just issued an air worthiness certificate for a flying car. Oh dearie me. No manner this decision was made for a Slovakian company, Klein Vision, eh?

The whole concept of a flying car is a wrong ‘un. Bugger me, in Cambridge, for example, drivers have a very bad time working in two dimensions with any accuracy. Gawdelpus if they get to work in three dimensions.

OK, accept that these things have ‘opened the door for mass production of very efficient flying cars’, as the inventor claims. Why do we need them?

Let’s look at logistics first. These things have a passenger capacity of exactly two, and that includes the ‘pilot.’ Aircraft of any ilk aren’t really efficient, they just aren’t. To take a mere TWO people? Eh?

Where do you park one? You can’t land one in any city centre or anywhere useful. Obvious choice is an airport or airfield. Nowhere else fits the bill, does it? But by definition, almost, airfields and airports are bloody miles from where you need to be, they’re in the middle of bloody nowhere. How do you get there to pick up your aviation miracle? And get to your destination, you’re still bloody miles from anywhere.

The AirCar is also bloody enormous, about the length of a rigid chassis HGV. with a ridiculous overhang at the rear for tailfins and rear aerofoil. Not ideal for nipping through the traffic, though quite useful for smacking cyclists as you make a turn.

Question for you. Pilot’s licence. How many people have those?I know quite a few, but they’re in the minority. Who is going to buy something that’s basically an overgrown, HGV sized car, that’s of little, indeed no, practical purpose?

Listen, Prof Stefan Klein, inventor and someone with a tenuous grasp on reality. Stop watching old Jetsons cartoons. You’ve had your fun, now shove it in the garage and the ‘Bad Idea’ file.