I’m going to go back into being Mr Fluffy (a longstanding nickname of mine on WordPress.)

As you know, I have spent a long time in hospital, in various departments, over the past couple of years, and it’s very scarey.

The time I went in for surgery, on a potentially life-threatening cancer. I was very badly spooked. Really badly spooked. Terrified.

I was in the sort of Departure Lounge. A very pleasant nurse was keeping watch over me.

‘How are you doing?’

‘Not great, as you’d expect. I could die either from the surgery, or from the cancer.’

‘Yes, it could all go wrong, couldn’t it?’

‘At least you’re honest. I like that.’

She shrugged. ‘Honest is just being realistic, telling the truth. You deserve that.’

‘I’m very scared.’

‘I would be too.’

Then, THEN, she just reached out and held my hand. I felt as if I’d been touched by the Hand of God*. It was so lovely, I nearly wept.

That’s how you make a difference.

*I don’t have a God, but you get the meaning don’t you?