They didn’t. ‘Right to keep and bear arms,’ as in the Second Amendment, is specifically couched in terms about not allowing a government to be oppressive. Quite an admirable idea. BUT. The ‘right to keep and bear arms…’ does not, NOT, mention the right to shoot staff in a sandwich shop, just because you don’t like the sandwich. NOWHERE does it mention that.

Let’s go to Atlanta. I happen to like Atlanta. Spent a week there, in tandem with Duluth. I liked it. So this is not me taking a pop at Atlanta.

A guy went into central Atlanta, went to a Subway, ordered a sandwich, got his sandwich, was displeased with there being too much mayonnaise. Now the smart money would be on taking it back to the counter, ‘Sorry, there’s too much mayo for me. Can I have a new sandwich? Please?’

That would be smart, and polite, yes? What you don’t do, since it’s not smart, or indeed polite, is pull a handgun, kill one of the servers, and seriously wound another. It’s not what you do, is it? It’s called ‘overreacting.’ This guy did it though. ‘Bang bang, you’re dead.’ Over a fucking SANDWICH. Subway isn’t expensive, so you aren’t going to be too badly out of pocket. Don’t like it? Go and buy another sandwich somewhere, FFS. Don’t bloody kill someone.

This story really riled me. Working in Subway is not everybody’s idea of career advancement, but it’s a job, and a job where you DO NOT deserve being shot dead. I’ve worked in some shit retail jobs in my time, but I never EVER worried about somebody pulling a gun on me and blowing my head off. Not once did that occur to me.

Meanwhile in other news, Texas has been persuaded by the NRA to relax laws on gun ownership and background checks, and trading in guns. Anyone can do it now.

I hope Texas secedes and they just all shoot the crap out of each other. It’ll be like that film The Purge.