Break with tradition (TipsyLit edit)

I absolutely loathe and detest Trick or Treat. It didn’t exist as a phenomenon when I was a child, and I really don’t see why it’s taken off so vigorously. It’s not even a tradition. Traditions take many years to establish, sometimes centuries. Plastic masks are not traditional by any stretch of the imagination. Not even remotely.

It’s an import from the USA, of course. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that as an idea or concept, so I’m not being xenophobic. It’s just an irritating idea, wherever it came from. Some great ideas have come from America. Trick or Treat just isn’t one of them.

I’m also a bit uneasy about the whole idea. Halloween, All Hallows Eve, is all about spirits of the dead coming back to earth for one night a year. Should we really be celebrating that idea at all, let alone encouraging children to do so? I have to say it makes me uneasy, even as a non-believer in spirits and ghosts. It just seems wrong.

Then we have the additional problem of the whole shooting match being hi-jacked by teenagers. I’ve had eggs and worse hurled at my house when I’ve refused to give some bunch of hyperactive adolescents a few bob when the come knocking. I’m pretty much OK with that, but I’d be a lot less sanguine if I were a frail pensioner feeling a bit besieged. That’s one tradition we can well do without.

So, Trick or Treat? Bah! Humbug!

4 thoughts on “Break with tradition (TipsyLit edit)”

  1. So how do you really feel? haha When I moved down here to the bottom of Texas, I discovered Dia de los Muertos is actively celebrated – entirely different traditions for me to learn. It’s not easy to fully embrace someone else’s traditions when you don’t have the same happy childhood associations.

    • Really? Trick of treat sucks mightily. Dia de los muertos? I’ve heard of that, and it seems a reasonable 9if misguided) idea. Dressing up as ET and terrorising old ladies for sweets? Not so good.

  2. I’ve been trick or treating my whole life so it’s something I’ll admit I love. Though I do NOT love the loads of candy I have to confiscate from my kids. It would be better if they gave away stickers and fake tattoos or something…at least that’s what I hand out!

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