How to be a halfwit

It’s been a wonderful few weeks in British politics as people of all political persuasions have shown just how dumb they are.

Cameron and his bunch of toffs are so out of touch they’re coming back the other side. It’s not long ago that the Chancellor of the Exchequer was unable to state with any accuracy how much a pint of milk costs. He’s the man in charge of the country’s finances. Cameron himself has never done a day’s work in his life, since he’s a career politician from an exceptionally privileged background. His compadre, Iain Duncan-Smith, is the most odious man in British politics just now, and that’s quite an achievement given the field. He’s squeezing the poor till the pips squeak, capping benefits at a weekly level that wouldn’t see most MPs through a decent lunch. Nick Clegg is laughable, a mere puppet. We can expect his LibDems to disappear completely during the election next year, and good riddance to the bunch of lapdog turncoats.

I feel a bit sorry for Labour’s Milliband just now. Not only does he have to put up with endless jibes about his close physical resemblance to Nick Park’s claymation character Wallace, but a large number of his people have been exposed as halfwits. Emily Thornberry has emerged as the most recent, having been forced to resign from her position of Shadow Attorney General after some remarks about the flag of St George. She didn’t actually say anything wrong, but you can’t put stuff like that on Twitter and expect not to be pulled up.

There was that Tory pervert Brooks Newmark a couple of weeks ago. He got caught tweeting pictures of his genitals to somebody he thought was a party intern but who was in fact an undercover reporter. At the time he was minister for civil society, so we’re probably well shot of him.

Now that buffoon Farage and his rabid UKIP followers have just got a second seat in Parliament. This comes on top of his successes in the European Parliament, a rather odd setup since he’s so vigorously opposed to the UK being in the EU.

A whole gamut of halfwits, liars, incompetents, and self-aggrandising power brokers. No wonder the world is in the state it is.


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