How if you thought the 1969 Thunderbird was ugly…

Then check out this 1959 Buick Invicta. This is just for fun, by the way. Proper post to follow in a bit

It’s as ugly as sin. Who dreamed up that front end? Gawdelpus! Not to mention the colossal tailfins.

But it’s rather imposing, I think. You’d certainly get noticed driving down the High St in Great Dunmow, or cruising the mean streets of Cambridge, assuming you could negotiate the narrow streets and very tight junctions.

Of course, being a GM built in the fifties they rotted on the trailer to the dealer, so they’re rarer than hens’ teeth today But ‘Invicta’ was perhaps Buick’s first attempt to name a car as if it was doing a million miles an hour while standing still, as all the opposition were busy doing. See

for my treatise on this.