The Haikus of Nobodysreadingme-an ongoing project

Bird on a windy day

wind blusters

tree sways branch bends. Bird

lands neatly


Master and pupil

master and pupil

both teach both learn both laugh at

their own foolishness

food freak


I did not eat food

repelled me


lighter clicks

cigarette flares smoke

drifts upwards

Old man

an old man looks at

me I reach out to touch him

him in the mirror

Untitled. This isn’t a formal haiku, but written in freeform

smoke from burning desire

eyes stinging

tears of disappointment

Aquarium. This one is in traditional 5/7/5 format

coloured slivers dart

between swaying weeds bubbles

rise in rippling light

Lost in the woods. 5/7/5 again, about a childhood terror

water drops from the trees

unseen pebbles try to trip

cold uncertain feet

Untitled. A bit of a departure here; this is in 3/5/3


my lover summons

me I fall

Birthday  Self explanatory, in 5/7/5

hop skip jump run laugh

pretend I’m an aeroplane

on my fifth birthday

Lion Here’s one about irrational childhood fear

I fear the lion

in the attic no-one else

sees it. It’s waiting

Writer. About being obsessional

icy winds

my hands are clumsy

still I write

Untitled,  a love poem

I bask in the warmth

of my lover’s sun, flourish

blossom gaudily

Earrings. Another love poem about a bit of a foible of mine

she puts in earrings

head tilts, the curve of her neck

make me desire her

Big brother, and Adults lie. These are about the age gaps when you’re young

my big brother runs

faster than I. ‘Wait for me!’

I trail behind him

This second one is a bit of a cheat, since it’s in two stanzas

as old as my tongue

a bit older than my teeth

I don’t understand

why grownups won’t tell me

how old they are ‘That’s rude.’ Why?

I tell them I’m six

Untitled. About the horrors of abandonment at any age

abandoned child pleads

I’ll be good don’t leave me begs

rejected lover

Peach This should be self explanatory

glass bowl peach

soft sweet it has a

worm in it

14 thoughts on “The Haikus of Nobodysreadingme-an ongoing project”

  1. Well done 🙂

  2. I like them all, but I like the last one best.

  3. Reading these I am reminded again if why I love haikus. These are beautiful!

  4. unfetteredbs said:

    I love this serious side to you. Well done. The Writer and you love haiku are my fav so far

  5. Some nice haikus there.
    I liked particularly the one about the chilly-fingered writer and the sweet worm in a bowl of peach, or is it the worm in a bowl of sweet peach.

  6. unfetteredbs said:

    I like Food Freak.. honest and bare. I like it..

  7. I like them all, but the bird and the old man, the most.

    • Thank you very much. The haiku go back to my early blogging days, before I established my ‘How to…’ approach. It was an experiment prompted by a challenge from somebody. Then of course I got silly and did The Haikus of Lee Roy Fuckwit, my beer swilling, womanising, baccy chewing South Carolina NASCAR driver…

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