In the UK on Thursday there were elections for local councils, and to elect MEPs. The whole campaign trail for both has been a slew of misinformation, with all the parties talking down their chances of success so if they do better than they predict they can crow about it.

More irritating than that, though, much more bloody irritating, has been the media coverage on Friday before all the results were in. Every UK newspaper, every single one, and nearly every news channel, aired pictures or video footage of the main players and their spouses casting their votes. Just why is that of any interest at all? Who cares? Because we know what’s going on here.

We know the Camerons both voted for his rich toff cronies. The Miilibands both voted for the increasingly beleaguered lefties. The Cleggs ensured the LibDems got two votes, and I have to say Nick, you brought it on yourself, you despicable turncoat. Liberal Democrats aligning with the toffs, and you didn’t expect to become unpopular? Then there’s Farage, who also looks like a rich toff, and sounds like one, who heads up a party of racist buffoons.

The good news is that Nick Griffin, the odious fat bastard who heads up the BNP, will see support collapse, and once again his party will be cast as pariahs.

But I have no interest at all in seeing people voting. None. Not even Keira Knightley.