As Christina said, hope for us all. Well done Rebekah

Rebekah Lewis

I’m kinda freaking out!

BN1…But in a good way.

Two weeks ago, I wandered into my local Barnes & Noble store and asked them to stock my book. Not only did they order copies without blinking (though they did give me an official form and told me if I want it stocked normally, I have to go through the regular procedure) but they set me up for a book signing on October 18th. (more info on that to come).BN3

I had just gone with a friend to see Guardians of the Galaxy (which I loved) and we stopped into B&N and there it is, Wicked Satyr Nights, on the new release shelf right next to Lora Leigh and underneath titles by JR Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon, among so many other recognizable names. I took pictures. I petted it. I got strange looks from shoppers that weren’t close enough to hear…

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