I didn’t have a good day on Saturday. I woke after a very fitful night, and I was knackered. That will happen if you finally fall asleep at gone four, and wake up fewer than three hours later. I should be used to this lack of sleep, it’s been going on years, but it still can make me feel out of sorts.

Then to get the day off to a banging start, somebody on Facebook accused me of being ‘nasty’ on her account. I queried this. If I am always polite, and I am on her site, and always rational, if I beg to differ on a topic, that’s not ‘nasty.’ It’s just not agreeing or not being convinced, isn’t it? Give me the peer reviewed source, not some hack journalist’s biased interpretation of dodgy data, deliberately inflated for effect. That seems a reasonable request to me.

But of course on Facebook, dissent is a cardinal sin. I run across this a lot. I expect you can fully believe that of me. BUT if I’m wrong I will ALWAYS hold up my hands and admit it. I’ll cough to the crime. Importantly, I’ll apologise. But nasty? Expressing disbelief or disagreement, objecting to crap reporting by somebody with an axe to grind, that isn’t nasty. It used to be called scientific rigour.

I got bounced from her site, which is of course her privilege. Allegedly there have been many offline complaints to her about me. I pointed out, reasonably, that if I don’t have access to the alleged many complaints, I can’t really respond, can I? I’m guilty till proven innocent, with no access to a defence plea.

The battle may go on for a bit. But nasty? Me?

I myself hardly ever bounce people. I just leave their fatuous ramblings there for all to see just how dumb they are. I do draw the line at alt-right ravings though. Flat Earthers are welcome. They amuse me. Creationists amuse me too.

So. Given my still seething resentment about the unfounded accusations of sexual harassment, and that swims up when I’m tired, and my depression kicking in, and terrible problems with my face and scalp falling off, Saturday really wasn’t a good day.

I put on Judge Judy, and chortled at the hair. And boggled at the mendacity, the venality, the avarice. I felt a bit better about myself then. Even if my face still resembles a relief map of the Moon.