I don’t believe the 2022 claims by Tesla about the Tri-Motor Plaid. This is supposed to be available next year. Tesla aren’t too reliable on launch dates are they? Usually a few hiccups, are there not?

Here’s the bit I flat out do not believe. I don’t. ‘A family car that does zero to 60 mph in under two seconds.’

Nope. I just do not believe that.

Be reasonable. A MacLaren MP4, one of the world’s fastest roadcars, able to blow the doors off any Ferrari you care to mention*, versus a glorified slotcar/Scalextric that is going to beat it off the line by about 1.2 seconds to 60 miles an hour? Oh no. I don’t believe it. Elon Musk and his lads/lasses are overoffering and underdelivering, as ever. Elon should take up politics. He’d be a natural.

Think about this. Road tyres are not designed for performance like this. Even F1 tyres don’t take stress like that. The fastest circuit racecars in the world can’t do that sort of acceleration. You need dragslicks in a straight line, and even they can let go under extreme stress. Embarrassing at the traffic lights, eh?

396 miles on a charge? I don’t believe that either. And it isn’t that good. When my inlaws lived in Glamis, 396 miles would have required Alison and me to have an overnight stop at somewhere with a charging point.

Talk not action Mr Musk.

*Not hard to do that, since the Ferrari will burst into flames or otherwise break down.