I forgot how much I liked this book


I generally have a rough idea about what I intend to write about on any specific day. It’s never a rigid plan. Sometimes something will crop up, a particularly fatuous story in the newspaper for example, and the schedule gets thrown into disarray. Best laid plans of mice and men, as it were.

Yesterday someone gave me a present. That’s nice. It’s been a while. Better still this was a book. Goodoh! I always like books. Betterer still, this book was written by the giver, who just happens to be one of my followers. Yes indeed, Julia Dean-Richards, of


sent me a copy of her book Snailbeach Tails.

I was a bit trepidatious to be honest. Suppose I didn’t like it? That would be awkward, wouldn’t it? How could I possibly respond? My fears were unfounded. I’m loving it so much I’m having to ration myself so I don’t…

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